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 It was a pleasure to work with Sommer because she's capable of formulating strategies and action plans to drive fundraising results. 


TCFV is thrilled to partner with Sommer for consultations for our members. We received great feedback on her work and her ability to help the member agency move forward.

Sommer Neff Consulting LLC has been a pleasure to work with! We appreciate her sustainable approach and willingness to go the extra mile. Visit to explore solutions for program design, professional development, and grant writing.

Colleen Brinkmann, CFRE

Former Chief Philanthropy Officer

North Texas Food Bank

Exceptional. Sommer clearly operates with high intelligence, integrity, a willingness to learn, and dependability. She stepped into a very challenging start-up situation and achieved significant goals.


Sommer and her team were quick studies during the onboarding process and had a keen ability to learn about the organization, its programs, history, needs, clients, and future growth. The constant communication was sufficient but not overwhelming. The quality of proposals was excellent. and their professionalism and quality of work quickly earned our trust and reliability to get the work done. We were so pleased with the product and outcomes of Sommer Neff Consulting. We would highly recommend their services and would undoubtedly use their services again.


Sommer is the ultimate professional. She is motivated, smart, detail oriented, and results-driven. I give Sommer and her firm the highest recommendation.

Joe Frodsham

President, CMP


Sommer helped us accelerate our business goal of improving the content and customer experience for the Pathways to Work website. The project was delivered on time, and Sommer was always very responsive and helpful to our questions, ideas and concerns.


Working with a consultant with Sommer's experience and knowledge in direct nonprofit work was such a benefit because she truly understood the nuances, challenges, and reality of nonprofit programming and services, and offered practical recommendations and tools. In addition, she made the concerted effort to get to know our history and experiences so that she could customize her work to our needs. The training and recommendations that Sommer provided have helped us implement mindfulness practice into more daily practice for our family violence and human trafficking staff meetings and staff self-care. 


We met with Sommer and described our situation and the things we hoped to help the staff understand. She crafted it into an excellent workshop on understanding trauma and what might be motivating our clients behavior. This definitely helps meet our goals of improved customer service. The more our staff understands the clients, the easier it is to empathize with them and be more patient with them.

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It was such a joy working with Sommer and she was a true collaborative partner who added tremendous value to our money we ever spent! She elevated our language (and) helped us see our opportunities for growth.


Sommer did a great job of pulling our team together to get the grant done in time.


Sommer is super personable and fun to work with. She is absolutely helping us meet our fundraising goals. Her organization and guidance are exactly what we needed to start applying for grants. She's also helped clarify exactly what we need to do on our program assessments and metrics to ensure that we are meeting our goals and communication that effectively.

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