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SNC strives to offer the highest quality of strategic consulting services to nonprofit organizations. Our services will add the most value for organizations focused in the following areas:

Health /
Social Services

Nonprofits providing equitable access to health and basic social services.

Image by Duncan Shaffer


Advocacy organizations focused on coalition building, community empowerment, and systemic change.

Image by Natalie Hua


Organizations advocating for gender equity (women, girls, LGBTQIA+) and supporting survivors of abuse.

SNC will be most impactful for organizations that have the following attributes:


  • Strategic: Organizations with clear and thoughtfully designed services that incorporate stakeholder input

  • Impactful: Organizations that are goal oriented and committed to achieving measurable impact

  • Capable: Organizations that strive to invest in their own capacity by developing regular fundraising plans, maintaining accurate financial records, and collecting data to inform decisions.

  • Collaborative: Organizations that seek to collaborate across sectors while maintaining a distinct identity within the community.

  • Leadership: Organizations led by people who are aligned with and can articulate the organization's vision and mission, and avoid mission creep and the pursuit of funding at the expense of core principles

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