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Improve or develop each phase of your programming.


Maximize your workforce potential with professional growth opportunities.



Fundraise with well packaged, well written, and well researched funding requests.

Program and Organizational Development

Program Design

Program design should be a top priority for any organization. The program framework consists of three main categories: strategy, outcomes, and evaluation.  


  • Strategy services aim to strengthen organizations by revising mission/vision/values statements, conducting organizational audits, and facilitating Journey Mapping sessions to identify gaps and inefficiencies in service delivery.

  • Outcomes services help organizations enhance program impact by developing Theory of Change models to ensure programs exist to achieve outcomes that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.  

  • Evaluation services help organizations implement/enhance data collection practices to make it easier to evaluate the success of your programs as well as encourage creativity and flexibility in how you are able to respond to what is learned.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Strong and resilient organizations make it a priority to support and develop their internal teams. Offering professional growth opportunities encourages loyalty and creativity, creates pipelines for advancement, and makes it easier to recruit quality team members. And, perhaps most importantly, staff are the reflection of your organization in the community and have a huge impact in how your organization interacts with program clients, community partners, and donors.

Professional development centers on the following services:


  • Training in high-impact topics like first time manager training and organizational care practices.   

  • Customized professional development programs tailor-made to address specific needs at your organization. 

  • Coaching, using an empowerment-based coaching methodology, to encourage full participation in charting the course for whatever professional development best fits the goals of your agency.  At the leadership development level, we offer more 1:1 support and personal coaching, using individualized plans for participants.


Grant Strategy

The most effective grant applications are well-researched, well-structured, well-written, and accurately reflect strong and effective programs and services. SNC specializes in support in the following areas:


  • Strategy: assessing grant readiness, prospecting opportunities, building funder relationships in partnership with organizations, and building evaluation plans and analysis.  

  • Content: creating comprehensive grant templates and customized applications that enable nonprofits to apply to a wide range of funding opportunities

  • Reporting: assisting organizations with grant reports to ensure ongoing compliance with funder requirements

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